Friday, May 6, 2011

Junior Mint Julep Shake

In addition to Mother's Day, the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby will also take place this weekend. Last year I came up with some ideas for kids at a Derby party - you can check them out here. I decided to do a variation on the "Junior Mint Julep" by making it into an ice cream shake (recipe courtesy of

Vanilla Ice Cream
Milk or Half & Half
2 boxes of Junior Mints

Fill a blender half full of ice cream. Add enough milk to just cover the ice cream. Pour in the Junior Mints. Blend all together until smooth.

Top off the shake with extra candy, a bunch of fresh mint leaves and enjoy! If you want to make the shake into an adult beverage, just add a little rum!


pbrenner said...

Oooohhh, I just saw your recipe on our blog - I don't like the "real" mint juleps, but this looks delicious! Time to go buy some ice cream and jr mints!

pbrenner said...

Ooops - on "your" blog, not "our" sorry for the typo 8)


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