Saturday, May 1, 2010

And They're Off...

In honor of the 136th "Run for the Roses", I created a few fun things specifically for kids who might be attending your Kentucky Derby party.

Some might argue that the most exciting part of the derby has nothing to do with the horses or racing - it's all about the hats. Here are some edible versions of those infamous chapeaus that the kids can make during the party...all you need are candy wrappers, lollipop sticks, fruit roll-ups and great chocolate:

The chocolate derby hats were inspired by these adorable creations from Bakerella...thanks!

No Kentucky Derby party would be complete without the traditional Mint Julep cocktails. You could make up a batch of the non-alcoholic variety for the kids, but why not add a chocoholic twist to it instead? Here is a kid-friendly Junior Mint Julep - however there's no guarantee that the sugar won't have the same affect on them as the alcohol will have on the adults!

Finally, what would a Kentucky Derby party be without horses? Each child can take home their own personalized thoroughbred winner as a thank you for coming to the party. And trust me, these toy horses will go over big...about 10 seconds after this picture was taken my kids grabbed the horses and have been playing with them ever since - and I wish I was exaggerating about this!


Cute Party Ideas said...

Will be linking up to this! Your KENTUCKY DERBY HAT candy idea would be great for a tea party too. Superb!

Hatter and Hare Events said...

Thanks - they were fun to make and to eat too!


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