Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vintage Labels

I recently came across a blog that provides the most amazing vintage clip art. But the best part is that the images are free! Even if you are not into vintage artwork, you've got to check out The Graphics Fairy blog - the images are so unique.

I decided to use some of the labels that I found to jazz up some glassware. I started off by gathering up a few glass cups, bottles and vases...

Next I printed the labels on a color laser printer and used Mod Podge to decoupage the glass. This was my first attempt at decoupaging and I have to say that it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. You can find easy how-to directions here.

Here are some lemonade glasses that I embellished with a cool vintage french label...

And here is a vase that was embellished with another vintage french label (appropriately surrounded by roses)...

Finally I used a gorgeous blue vintage label to embellish a jar of strawberry preserves...

I'm thinking about using these items as hostess gifts. There are a ton of other free items available on that blog, so definitely go and get some great stuff.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Christmas Light Topiary

I live in Georgia and it's about 100 degrees outside, so it's been impossible for me to even start thinking about Christmas right now. However, Kendra over at My Insanity is hosting a Christmas in July party and I just had to join in the fun!

I had originally planned to make homemade Christmas cards, but since I didn't start pulling out materials until late last night that didn't happen. Instead I remembered seeing a really cool topiary that was made out of drink umbrellas (crafty people make me smile). Then I remembered seeing some adorable balls made out of Christmas lights and my idea was hatched.

I have a ton of Christmas lights that I bought on sale last year and I have been dying to use them. So I decided to make a topiary out of Christmas lights. Please note that this requires a ton of lights...

All you need is a styrofoam topiary form, Christmas lights and a hot glue gun to make this - here are the detailed instructions from the BHG article:

Step #1 - Use the foam brush to coat the plastic-foam ball with acrylic paint. Let dry.

Step #2 - Insert the screw end of a lightbulb into the foam ball until the glass touches the ball.

Step #3 - Remove the bulb and apply a drop of hot glue to the end of the bulb. Immediately reinsert the bulb into the hole. Working outward from the first bulb, continue attaching bulbs in the same manner until the ball is covered with bulbs.

Here is the final result...

Thanks Kendra for making me get excited about Christmas! I'm going for a swim now...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DIY Monogrammed Balloons

I love monograms. And they're everywhere - on cutting boards, hair bows, even on trailer hitch covers! So for this post I thought it would be fun to create something party-related that is monogrammed. One of my little guys casually suggested that balloons would be cool - I beamed with pride that such an innovative idea would come from him. Then it hit me that my little genius has figured out that once the blog pics are snapped, he gets to play with the items - hence the balloon suggestion!

So, despite being duped by a 4-year-old, I decided to use balloons. This is a super easy do-it-yourself project that will definitely elicit a few oohs and aahs. Don't believe me, see for yourself...

Did I hear an 'ooh'? Okay, how about an 'aah' with this one...

Here's how to create this look in two easy steps:

Step #1: Pick a font (this is Curlz MT) and print one or more letters on a full sheet of clear label paper.

Step #2: Cut out the letter, place it on the balloon and enjoy!

Too cute! For best results, apply the letters onto the balloons right before your event.

By the way, I'm working on a project right now that I hope will be finished in time for a cool linky party being held this weekend over at My Insanity (see button below). Come join in the fun if you have time!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Decorating with Felt Pads...

...yes, I'm referring to those little pads that you put on the bottom of furniture to protect the floor from scratches.

Not only do they come in various shapes, colors and sizes, the felt pads also have self adhesive backing - all of the things that make a great craft supply! So here are a couple of ways to embellish a vase using felt circles.

Idea #1: For this look I wrapped the circles around the vase to make a band.

Idea #2: For this look I simply copied the exact pattern from the original packaging.

I wish I had more time to play with these - there are endless design possibilities with the pads!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas

Last week I saw the most adorable post from the Purple Pug - a farm party. The centerpieces are amazing! I've had centerpieces on the brain for the past week now. I cannot draw to save my life, but I do know how to cut and paste. So here are a few ideas for themed-birthday party centerpieces that were inspired by the farm party.

My homage to the initial inspiration for this post...a farm yard pig.

My kids, who love to give unsolicited advice, liked the pig and suggested that I create something for them too. Last year I threw a pirate party for their birthday, so here is a matey centerpiece just for them...

Then I got to thinking about their Halloween costumes from last year (they were old-school aviators). I just had to create a centerpiece based on that theme too...

Of course I can't overlook the ladies - here is a centerpiece for all of the little princesses out there...

The designs are made out of foam paper and hot glue. Be sure to get the 3mm foam - it stands up on its own. Since I can't draw, I tried to simplify the centerpiece designs by using basic shapes - like a big circle for the head, a thin semi-circle for the mouth, etc. Foam paper is pretty forgiving, so just have fun with it.

Thanks again Purple Pug for the inspiration!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Decorative Packing Tape

Okay, I have to be honest - this post was not supposed to be about decorative packing tape. But a funny thing happened as I was innocently strolling through the aisles at Michael's...I came face-to-face with these ridiculously cute rolls of tape that were only $1. Come on, what choice did I have at that point? So now that I had 10 rolls (yes 10, but they're really cute), I felt compelled to use them. Hence this post...

Here are a few of the styles - I still can't get over the fact that this is packing tape!

Since I seem to be on a place card kick (remember last week's post), I decided to make yet another one that incorporated the packing tape. I simply put the tape on some cardstock and attached the name on top - super easy!

Even simpler still...take a vase and wrap the packing tape around the outside. Honestly it took longer to remove the wrapping from the tape than to create this look.

I have very limited talents when it comes to gift wrapping, so look how the packing tape can jazz up a present...

And for those of us who prefer gift bags to wrapping, the tape can spruce those up as well...

Finally, I used the packing tape to punch up a basic picture frame. I attached the tape to the black mat and reassembled the frame - that's it.

I finally had to force myself to put the tape down because I was having way too much fun with it. Don't say I didn't warn you about the clearance section in craft stores!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Tiffany Style Sweet 16 Party - Part II

I just finished the invitations for the Sweet 16 party that I am planning for one of my best friends - here is where it all began.

I actually started assembling the invitations a few weeks ago, but abandoned them when more pressing things came up. So I was less than pleased with myself when I pulled out the partially-completed mess that I had made. See for yourself...

The basic design of the invitation is a "Tiffany" blue pocketfold card with a flat card attached inside. I searched and searched for reasonably priced paper since a ton of people are being invited - I found the best deal here.

The birthday girl is all about the bling, so I really wanted to incorporate jewels on the invitation. Rhinestone buckles are so popular right now, but those little things can cost a fortune. Out of desperation I searched on eBay and found the greatest deal on them - only $1 each and no shipping costs!

In addition to the flat card, an rsvp card was also included in the invitation. My friend opted to use a postcard to save on postage. I had never created a postcard before, so here are a couple of things that I learned during the process:
1) according to the post office, a postcard is defined as being a minimum of 3-1/2 inches high by 5 inches long and does not exceed 6 inches in length by 4-1/4 inches high
2) a postcard that does not meet those dimensions can still be mailed if you put a first class letter stamp on it.

Here is the outside of the invitation - I was trying to capture the classic look of the Tiffany blue box...

...and here is the inside of the invitation. I hope the birthday girl likes it as much as I do.

I have a few more projects to complete for this shindig - next up, a cupcake tower. So watch for future posts on this topic coming soon!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fourth of July Place Card Holders

I love place cards, but the only time I seem to use them are on formal occasions. So I decided to change things up and create some place cards that can be used at a casual 4th of July celebration. And given the fact that the 4th is only days away, each of these ideas is super easy to make - I promise.

Idea #1: Pinwheel Holders - Not only were these place card holders easy to make, the materials cost next to nothing! I found these adorable miniature pinwheels at one of the dollar stores - yes, all three pinwheels for just $1. I then created the name templates on the computer and attached them to the pinwheels using hot glue...easy!

Idea #2: Fruit Market Style Holders - I stumbled across these miniature colanders at a discount store and thought they would make adorable place card holders. Who knew that pint-sized colanders even existed? And in patriotic colors no less! Just create a small sign with the guest's name and add fruit - they're done.

Idea #3: Sand Art Holder - Last week my kids brought home the coolest sand art projects and I knew I had to try it. For this place card holder I simply filled a glass container with red, white and blue sand. And you won't believe how easy it was to create the "etched" name on the glass. Here's how - place sticker letters directly on to the glass and then lightly apply clear spray paint over it. Once it's dry, remove the stickers. That's it - my new favorite technique!

Hope you have a fantastic 4th of July holiday!

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