Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother's Day

For the last six years it has been my great pleasure to be called "Mom" by two amazing little people. Mother's Day has always been a really fun celebration at our house, but this year the week leading up to Sunday was something just short of torture for them. Both of my little ones were convinced that they had outdone one another in the gift department and were dying to find out which one I liked best. But they knew (or kept being reminded by Dad) that they had to keep the gifts a secret until Mother's Day. And it was the waiting that almost killed my children.

The funny thing is that I also had a secret gift that I was keeping from them. Even though Mother's Day is designed to celebrate moms, I have always wanted to give something to my kids on this a thank you to them for making me a mom. My kids love books, so I decided to give them a Cliff's Notes version about me - do they still make these, or should I refer to it as the Wikipedia version of me?

I included a bunch of different pages in the book like: mom's favorite things, mom's family, mom's other jobs, oh the places mom's gone, etc...

In addition to the book, I also surprised the kids with a planting project that we all did together (thank you weather for your cooperation). While planting my favorite flowers, I was bombarded with a ton of follow-up questions about stuff that was included in the book. Be careful what you wish for!

All in all it was a really great day...I hope yours was as well!



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