Monday, September 6, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I am married to a sports fanatic who would swear that his life couldn't get any better now that football season has begun. I thought it would be fun to come up with some ideas for a football-themed party now that the new season has officially been kicked off.

Football Party Idea #1: Helmet Coasters

I grew up in Wisconsin and have been a Packers fan ever since. However now that I'm in Georgia, I feel compelled to support the home team as well. I created these drink coasters by cutting out a helmet shape in craft foam paper and adding the team logo - super easy to make!

Football Party Idea #2: Football Bottles
Since it is the start of the football season, a lot of stores are carrying football-themed products for a limited time. I found these incredibly cute bottles of soda that are shaped like footballs at Walmart for $1. These adorable bottles are reason enough to host a football party!

Football Party Idea #3: Football Food

Also during my shopping trip to Walmart I stumbled upon football shaped brownies...happiness! Apparently this product is only sold for a few months, so hurry and get some soon. For the stand, I covered a glass vase with chalkboard spray paint and then drew a football play on the "chalkboard".

Football Party Idea #4: Football Placemat

I found this amazing paper at the craft store - it looks and feels like a football. I thought it would be perfect for a placemat at a football party. To achieve the look of a real football, I cut slits in the paper and tied shoestrings down the middle...

Football Party Idea #5: Football Jersey Placecard
I'm a sucker for placecards. A simple idea is to take a football jersey, add the guest's name using iron-on letters and drape it over the back of his/her chair...

Football Party Idea #6: Football Favor
I found this cool drink cup a few years ago at Party City and fell in love with it because it looks kind of crazy. This would be a great favor for a great football party.

Hope these ideas are helpful for your next pigskin party!


Melissa Marini said...

I cannot wait to see what you will do next. ;-)

Leslie said...

Hey there! I linked over to you through CPN and landed on this post while browsing your blog.

I'm already planning a kids pre-game party for the superbowl this year and I think your chalkboard game play will have to be adapted. What a great idea and thanks so much for the inspiration!


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