Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lollipop Turkey

There are going to be a number of young kids who will be feasting with us tomorrow, so I came up with a little craft to keep them occupied for a while...a lollipop turkey.

Almost too cute to eat! This is a super easy craft - here's what you'll need:
Googly eyes
Foam or construction paper (I used the following colors - brown, black, yellow, red, tan and gold)

Pre-cut the shapes and then allow the kids to glue them on.

I cut all of the shapes freehand - no need to be exact, just have fun with it!

Here are the basic shapes I went by:
The body of the turkey = Figure 8
The nose = Triangle
The wattle = Teardrop
The hat = Clay Flower Pot
The buckle = Square

To all of the US readers - hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday!



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