Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY Turkey Placecard

I have a strange fascination with cookie cutters. Why "strange" you ask? Because I don't bake! But for some reason I still continue to purchase cookie cutters (that take up a fair amount of kitchen cabinet space I might add). I have figured out other ways to use them outside of baking - remember this, this and this? So, continuing in that tradition, I decided to make Thanksgiving placecards using cookie cutters.

I found this adorable turkey-shaped cookie cutter at my go to craft store (Hobby Lobby). It's a really great copper color which forced me to buy it.

I then found a copper colored piece of scrapbook paper and printed the names on it. After that I cut the paper into strips like this one...

Finally, I cut a small triangle at the end of each strip, gently folded it backwards and then attached it to the cookie cutter using glue dots.

Here's the placecard all dressed up with a place setting...

These are super easy to assemble and you can give the cookie cutters to your guests as favors - 2 for the price of 1!


Candace Pelfrey said...

This is too cute!!! I am a new follower!

Jennifer said...

Love it!! So simple yet so lovely!
Found you at Someday crafts!
Would love for you to share this at Show & Share going on now!

Michelle Johnnie said...

super cute. I am featuring this at

theperfectdetails said...

Love it! Featured this on our #DIYFriday blog post!


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