Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monopoly Moguls in Training

My family recently joined an organization called Jack & Jill of America that provides amazing social and educational programming for African-American children. Each month parents have the opportunity to plan and execute themed activities for the kids. Last weekend I helped create a finance-themed event for my oldest son's group. Fortunately I was paired with a mom named Loren who literally bleeds creativity. She came up with the brilliant idea of teaching financial literacy through the use of a human monopoly game. We created a life-sized game board and the kids (in teams of two) were the game pieces. One team member was responsible for the money and the other held the deeds as they moved around the board. I'll jump to the punchline and tell you that the kids had an absolute blast playing the game! Here are some of the pics from the event...

Loren is the owner of a stationery company called Statianery, so needless to say she created all of the printed products for the event. Those products included:


Personalized Wallets for each child...

Life-sized Dice...

Water Bottle Labels...

Food Signs (the kids had to "buy" their own lunch)...

Custom Monopoly Money...

I had the pleasure of creating monopoly-themed centerpieces for the event. Those centerpieces included:

Monopoly House and Hotel Game Pieces...

Mr. Monopoly...

Various Monopoly Game Pieces...

In addition to playing the monopoly game, we also reviewed financial concepts and handed out this interactive booklet that has great activities about money for kids.

I would definitely recommend the human monopoly game for both kids and adults!


Bellenza Bistro said...

How clever and cute!

Anonymous said...

How did you get the pattern for Mr. Monopoly ?

Mary Murray said...

I love the centerpiece. Did you do the silver cut outs on your own?

Unknown said...

Hi I love your center pieces and am wondering how you did them I'm doing a cub scout blue and gold banquet on the 27th of this month and have been looking on how to make some and came across your wonderful center pieces and was hoping you could let me know how you made them what you used and everything all the ideas I can get would be so helpful.

glass baby bottle said...

How interesting and cute!

Unknown said...

Can you share with us how you created the houses and hotels.

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