Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tulip Cake Bouquet

Every year for Mother's Day my kids want to make something homemade for their grandmas. So I typically end up hauling out all of my crafting supplies and letting them go for it. However this year I came across something at the grocery store that I thought would be a really pretty (and edible) semi-homemade gift...

it's a tulip bouquet!

The flower part of the bouquet are actually creme-filled cakes made by Little Debbie. They come in pink too.

I dyed some sweet coconut flakes green for the grass. And then I inserted a bamboo skewer into a piece of green licorice for the stem.

This was super easy to assemble. My kids can't stop asking if it's time to make their real bouquets yet . I hope I get one from them too!


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