Monday, August 29, 2011

No Vase? No Problem!

My husband has the green thumb that I've always dreamed of having. However very rarely does he bring anything from his garden inside to adorn the house. So I was completely shocked a couple of days ago when he not only cut a small bouquet of flowers for me, he also arranged them perfectly in a martini glass no less! Here's a pic of his handiwork...

The use of the martini glass was so creative, I figured he must have been inspired by Southern Living or one of my other decorating magazines. So I had to ask. In reality he didn't know where I kept the vases and the martini glasses were sitting right in front of him on top of the bar. At least he's honest!

My husband's lovely gesture gave me the creative urge to see what other types of drinkware I could use to jazz up simple floral arrangements in the absence of vases. Here's a couple of attempts that I made with what we had laying around the house:

Grandma's Teacup - I just placed a few sprigs of flowers in the base of the cup and this was the result...

Husband's Pilsner Glass - I cut one long Zinnia stem, removed the leaves and covered the flower with water for this simple look...

I'm off to tell my husband that he's been featured on my little blog - no doubt this will be the highlight of his day!



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