Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kids at Weddings

I know that the mere mention of having children at weddings makes some people break out in cold sweats. But if you are a bride that says "I Do" to allowing kids to attend your big day, then here are some ideas that they might enjoy.

What better way to make the kids feel welcome than by sending wedding invitations just for them! The invitations can be as elaborate (like coordinating with your formal invitations), or as simple as you want them to be. Here is an example of custom invitations for kids that Donna Lipscomb at Confetti made for me...too cute.

Working under the assumption that "idle hands are the devil's playthings", it's a good idea to keep the kids busy during the wedding to avoid drama. Coloring books tend to do the trick with my kids. I created a simple cover using scrapbook paper and stickers, then bound it together with ribbon. I love personalizing things, so I put each child's name on the book to make it more special for them...

There are a ton of wedding-themed coloring pages that you can download from the web. Here is one of the pages I used in the coloring book - also included was the ring, the ceremony, the cake, etc.

Okay this idea is risky given the fact that it involves sugar, but what child doesn't appreciate candy? Here is a bouquet just for them - a candy bouquet. This is really easy to make - just take some artificial flowers and glue candy inside the petals (I used Smarties, but any candy would do). I then wrapped a satin ribbon around the bottom to resemble a bride's bouquet...

The really little kids might appreciate this more than the older ones - wedding rubber duckies! These are just the cutest things ever...I can't get over the ringbearer ducky. On second thought, the adults might appreciate these more than the kids! You can purchase these little guys here.

You can package all of these goodies in wedding-themed gift bags for the kids. I made a Groom bag for the boys...

...and a Bride bag for the girls...

Here are a couple of ideas that you can prepare for older kids (ages 10+) who might be attending the wedding:

Idea #1: The Love Game - Prior to the wedding have each child guess how many times the word "love" will be said during the ceremony...the closest guess wins.

Idea #2: Photo Scavenger Hunt - Hand out cameras to the kids along with a list of items (like the unity candle, the minister, the couple kissing) and have them snap pictures of those things...the most pictures wins.

Congrats and happy wedding planning!


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